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Texas Library Association Poster Ideas Submission...

Good Morning! This is a rare occasion Saturday post! I've created this poster below for representation of our district's motto: "Inspire, equip, imagine." Please send out positive energy for this entry! :)

Happy #BlackHistoryMonth!

I must begin this month with this tweet: Reminder: Black history doesn't begin with American slavery & doesn't end at the Civil Rights movement. #BlackHistoryMonth — Nichole (@tnwhiskeywoman) February 1, 2016 It's a privilege to celebrate the beauty of my heritage this month! I'm beginning with a Modern Black History Museum on campus: Here's a video explanation: African-American Inventors: *Kiddos, be sure that you pay attention to these videos to participate in our BHM trivia! Your correct response will win this LOVELY gift bag: Now for the solemnity of this celebratory the midst of the fervor via social media #BlackLivesMatter , #OscarsSoWhite , #SmilingSlave , I'm using this post to celebrate history, collectively and individually. However, I will begin with my beloved friend, Vanessa Brantley Newton, singing. She saw past the horrors of slavery (the extremities and limited liberties) to embrace the many smiles of a human