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Healer's Trilogy Essay Contest Entry!

So...I follow Healer's Trilogy on Twitter and they currently have an ESSAY CONTEST! Below is my entry I wrote to inspire our students! Take a look and cross your fingers in hopes that someone wins for my campus! We need some books and there's a fine prize that could help! :) This essay is in response to the question: "What super powers would you like to posses and how would you use them to improve your community and the world?" Power of Restoration by Jean Darnell As a librarian, I see an uncommonly amount of despair. Whether there’re tattered books on the shelves or broken souls coming through the door to escape the upset at home. Because I work in a predominantly poor, inner city neighborhood, you’d be shocked about what my students have to encounter daily: hunger, eviction, abuse, neglect, and unvalued are just to name a few. Therefore, if I could choose one super power, it would be the power of restoration. With any and everything that tou