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Teaching Tolerance: Music and Movements Matter

Before I begin, I must caution you: This post is for those 12 and up, questioning societal issues!! I overheard some students discussing their rights to protest during their extracurricular events. I didn't reprimand them, because (1) I was eavesdropping and what I heard wasn't dangerous; (2) it's ingrained in my librarian soul for students to exercise their rights to "intellectual freedom," SAFELY; and (3) I was on my way home for the evening. My mind blocked me from educator role; it was focused on leftover, homemade Swedish meatballs! Lol! Nevertheless, I kept tossing and turning that night in bed because I wondered if those students acted on their feelings...and HOW! Before I knew it, I jumped out of my bed looking for resources. I had to teach them how to organize their thoughts and release their emotions in a productive way. In my midnight scurry, I pop outta bed and hurried then obsessively buried my thoughts in Teaching Tolerance's The Soun