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Monster Match & #GeniusHour!

My district had the clever idea to get in on the holiday fun surrounding Halloween, and have a Monster Match! Basically, one class designs/creates a monster. Then they type up their description only of the monster and send the description to another school/classroom. Next, based on the description, that class creates their version of the monster. Finally, on a designated day, both classes video-conference to compare/contrast the results! How cool is that?? Very! Here is our accomplishment: LGE: Monster Match from AwakenLibrarian on Vimeo . I liked this activity because it was a bit of holiday fun, incorporated technology (albeit minimally) but also because it dabbled into a bit of #GeniusHour. Our kids were allowed to create based on a topic/guidance. They had a minimal description with the "sky being the limit" on creativity. It's not 100% #GeniusHour , but it's a great way to start off those kiddos and staff members are new to it. For some other ideas