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The History of FOOD TRUCKS: Who knew?


First Lady: Mrs. Obama Reads "The Night Before Christmas"

Thank you for reading to our children, Mrs. Obama! I've prayed for you and your family! I wish you a wonderful and blessed Christmas season. Merry Christmas and hang in there! Godspeed! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! P.S. She reads interactively, just like my beautiful mother does to her grandchildren! Cocoa mamas are awesome like that! (All reading mothers, actually!)

How Schools Kill Creativity: Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talk

Lately, I've had a sort of expat soul and have developed a keen interest in the UK. Heck, I even had a dream the other night that I was Ebenezer Scrooge, living in a hobbit-shire in England. The ironic tidbit is that my first name is Eboni and I feel asleep writing about ye ol' "Holiday Blues!" Recently, every professional development training I've attended for public schools incorporate a Ted Talk. Usually, I zone out because not everyone can captivate my attention for long speaking, because I believe you must inject humor, anecdotes and wit into public performances. Everyone featured in a Ted Talk I saw didn't have that je ne sais quoi ! That's not a dig against the innovation that's remarkably Ted Talks. I just learned to search on my own, as most intellects should do. But holy mercy, Sir Ken Robinson nailed it! His talk inspire, questions, entertains and challenges the traditional FLAWED hierarchy of public education. I've always th