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¡Día de los Muertos!

¡Felíz Día de los Muertos! Today, we celebrate the lives of our Ancestors in my culture. I do it always, but especially today. On October 26, 2022, I lost my beloved Aunt Pearl. She loved to cook, laugh and dance. On the outside, she held it together. However, she also tried mightily to survive domestic violence [1.800.799.7233, Domestic Violence Hotline.  Click here  for shelter information in the state of TX]. So many of our households suffer due to that dirty secret. She's at peace and free. I will remember her always and tenderly in my heart. She taught me so much about cooking and devoured my homemade cheesecake every time she could. Here's the my tribute to her: On a lighter note, here's the November library newsletter with a special feature of Dr. Debbie Reese 's work as a fierce advocate for Indigenous Nations. Here's a wonderful article/interview of Dr. Reese on the topic Book Bans and Native Representation ." Enjoy!     I love you forevermor