Thing 1: Blogging

Hi! I am Jean Darnell. I work for Houston ISD and am presently studying to become a librarian. Take a look at my unglamorous picture!

I've truly feel like I've found my passion: combining books as the gate-keeper to knowledge and spreading enlightenment through research, media and technology. Amped up doesn't even begin to explain it!

This blog was a sinch to set up. I started blogging recently, and despite all the craze, I'm a little late to the game. I've learned it's a great item to put on your resume and an even easier venue to promote life-long learning and experiences in a hip way! :)

As a teacher, I'd like to see some third graders create a blog about 5 different books per semester that they've read on their own and of their own choosing. I feel like the hectic pace of the classroom (i.e. STANDARDIZE TESTING) does not allow classrooms the opportunity to have children read for pleasure. But creating a blog and discussion about the books students have read will allow teachers to institute the TEKS technology standard and students to create something they're passionate about. on!

Here's a brief history of how blogs came to be:



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