Thing 9: Useful Library Blogs

Yes, I'm on my blog blogging about useful library blogs, but what can I say? It's all in the name of information!

I've found this interesting blog, 150 Useful, Educational and Inspirational Blogs for Aspiring Writers, and "by-golly" wasn't it helpful for this blog. I especially like the following blogs it suggested: The Well-fed Writer Blog and Rushdie Discussion on What it is to Be a Writer in This World!

From the I enjoyed the article Instead of Just Sharing "What You Do.." with Clients, Share "Who You Are" Peter Bowerman. It discussed how this entrepreneur fired a contractor for deliberately defying a specific client request, but still paying the defiant contractor (so he wouldn't cry foul-play) and NOT charging the client for the business owner's obvious disappointment! That was a mouthful but it will make more sense when you read the article! :)

From the "Discussion on What it is to Be a Writer in This World"- I enjoyed this comment about the importance of writers: "Rushdie went on to illuminate that we, as people, understand ourselves through the telling of stories. We have the right to tell story our way, through our beliefs, and about our nation. And those stories are a continuing dialogue. Unfree nations try to control the narrative. Not to have freedom to tell stories is true unfreedom. The job of the writer, as it is for all the great arts, is to open the universe. Tyrants close the world. A writer’s job is to open it. Amen."


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