Thing 18: Shelfari

Are you book lover or cataloger at heart? Or do you enjoy finding lost and forgotten gems on the shelf to read? Then Shelfari may be just the tool for you. Developed for booklovers, this online tool not only allows you to easily create an online catalog of your own it also connects you to other people who have similar libraries and reading tastes. Add a book to your catalog by just entering the title – or connect with other users through your similar reading tastes. There are lots of ways to use Shelfari. You can even view your books on a virtual shelf and add a widget to your blog to display titles that are in your catalog. So why not join the ranks and create your own library online. With over 65,000 registered (BTW: Shelfari also has groups forum for teachers users and over 4.7 million books), you're bound to discover something new.

Here's a link to my shelfari!



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