Thing 22: Your Turn

Doing this technology blog has expanded my horizons to so many different ways a librarian can incorporate advanced and virtual learning into schools, social realms and as a professional enhancement. This experience has taught me the many perks of adding technology and has changed my initial has seen it's glory-days and now it's all down-hill. There's still some good in technology...much like Darth Vader! I couldn't help it! If that comment didn't make sense, be sure to check out Things 21, and 19. You'll understand much better!

*Added 07/03/2013*

For those of you that don't know, I majored in English and History. I couldn't decide which one I loved more. Now that I'm a librarian, I feel that I made a good choice in both. Regardless, I just discovered HISTORYPIN! It's a fantastic website that allows ordinary folks to upload pictures they took from pivotal moments in history! It's a wonderful tool to use for personal knowledge and as an alternative to teaching history from an otherwise boring textbook! How taboo of the librarian!!

I found this wonderful picture of the Berlin Wall, just before it's fall:

Click HERE if the picture doesn't load!



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