Thing 23: Congratulations!!

The creation of my own 23 Things has empowered me in the world wide web. I did have basic knowledge and usage, but this has converted me and gave me affirmation in my abilities as a tech-geek! :) I enjoyed learning about Symbaloo and the freedom to post somethings dear to me (i.e. my crush on Darth Vader)! Technology is another communication device that won't disappear anytime soon and I'm fortunate enough to have acquired additional skills through this virtual learning process. EVERYTHING I blogged about I will incorporate into my library and/or classroom. I hope to challenge some students, via an after school media technology club to create this same 23 Things blog to hone in the skills they will need in a professional realm. In a effort for brevity, I will summarize my experience like this: 23 Things is a virtual adventure that equips the participant with another venue to express their communicative imagination and ideas; so link-in and absorb some blue-light!



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