Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes

Okay you all, I know Judy Blume's usually on the banned list for Forever but it's been forever so let's let it go! :)

Perhaps it's because she's heavily criticized or even banned, but I ADORE Blume as an author and have since I was a young chocolate marshmallow discovering the many "tastes" of books! Nevertheless, Blume's book Tiger Eyes is becoming a movie!!

Yes, the book's ALWAYS, yet I must admit...I'm pretty excited about the movie!

Check out the blog and trailer from Judy Blume's cinema debut of Tiger Eyes!

Shout outs to this great blog for YA Literature: http://foreveryoungadult.com/2013/06/04/ya-movie-news-roundup-judy-blume-hits-the-silver-screen...finally/


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