Healer's Trilogy Essay Contest Entry!

So...I follow Healer's Trilogy on Twitter and they currently have an ESSAY CONTEST! Below is my entry I wrote to inspire our students! Take a look and cross your fingers in hopes that someone wins for my campus! We need some books and there's a fine prize that could help! :)

This essay is in response to the question: "What super powers would you like to posses and how would you use them to improve your community and the world?"

Power of Restoration by Jean Darnell

As a librarian, I see an uncommonly amount of despair. Whether there’re tattered books on the shelves or broken souls coming through the door to escape the upset at home. Because I work in a predominantly poor, inner city neighborhood, you’d be shocked about what my students have to encounter daily: hunger, eviction, abuse, neglect, and unvalued are just to name a few.

Therefore, if I could choose one super power, it would be the power of restoration. With any and everything that touched me, it would be instantly restored back to its best: when it was valued just for existing as it was.

With my newfound power, unrecognizably I would restore the student whose stomach growls in hunger with a satisfied belly, just with an encouraging pat on the back. I would restore the binding on the frayed novel she read—frayed only because students love to check them out repeatedly—to the appearance it had the day it was put on the shelf brand new.

As I circle through the hallways of my middle school campus, I would restore the morale of my co-workers: boost the intangible climate of our environment so that the students could feel the pride and happiness exuding from them daily. For when despair is restored to hope, then enlightenment in teaching can shine through.

And to the student, sitting outside the principal’s office, awaiting an impending “doom,” I would restore the value of respect and self-control that wasn't taught to him at home because of more pressing and dire matter—like shelter for the next week.

Yes, with just the brush of a shoulder, a shake of the hand or a hug at the end of the day, me, and ordinary, hidden nerd in the library, would restore the despair of my patrons and give them the resources they needed to face another fortunate day of life.



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