Top 10 Book Trailers

Okay fellow readers and lovers of YA Literature. Below are some GREAT book trailers courtesy of The Christian Science Monitors

1. "The School for Good and Evil," by Soman Chainani

Sophie is determined to follow in the footsteps of the School of Good alums like Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Snow White. Her best friend, Agatha, has a mean black cat and is a shoe-in for the School for Evil. But what happens when they find their positions switched? The trailer has great, fast-paced animation paired with intense music, I actually wish this novel by screenwriter Soman Chainani was a movie now. Check it out!


2. "My Life Undecided," by Jessica Brody

Brooklyn Pierce, age 15, has given up. Since she can't ever seem to make the right decision, she's leaving it all up to a vote. That's right, she's leaving EVERYTHING up to a vote. A very cute trailer was put together showing some of the things that Brooklyn has gone through. Her bad decisions give viewers (and potential readers) a real understanding of how desperately she needs her voters' help.

3. "Leviathan," by Scott Westerfeld

Prince Alek is on the run, with only a few loyal men and a machine to help him. Deryn Sharp just wants to be in the British Air Service, and she can! As long as no one knows she's a girl. When the two of them meet up, Clanker and Darwinist each has a secret to hide. Will they work together or be each other's demise? This trailer shares the book's backstory and shows exactly what a Clanker and Darwinist is, and why they are at war. Beautiful illustrations!

4. "Winter Girls," by Laurie Halse Anderson

The goal is to be skinny. Lia and Cassie get competitive about it, which leads to anger and regret. This trailer is completely silent, and terribly eery. No soundtrack is needed: The point of the book comes across loud and clear. Viewers of the trailer will come way curious about the novel's outcome, as well as wary.

5. "Reboot," by Amy Tintera

Wren was dead for 178 minutes. When she came back, she was a physically better version of herself. She had become the perfect soldier. The trailer, real people acting out a scene with "Wren's" voice explaining the situation, is nicely put together. The music sets a tone and the facial expressions do the rest. I was very impressed by how compelling so simple a trailer could be.


6. "Under the Dome," by Stephen King

It came out of nowhere. No clue as to who or what or why – there don't seem to be any answers to the Dome. So what happens when a town is cut off from everything and everyone else? Good question. When the trailer makes you jump, you know it's good. The trailer for "Under the Dome" grabs your attention from the beginning and your curiosity won't let you look away.

7. "Light," by Michael Grant

Every one over the age of 15 has been gone for about a year now. That's old news. According to this trailer, the new problem is a chick with some serious supernatural powers but poor social graces. The voice-over sounds serious, amazing gifts are displayed, and you totally understand that the only way to defeat this ultimate evil-looking deal will be for two teams that don't get along very well to unite. I thought it was awesome.

8. "The One and Only Ivan," by Katherine Applegate

Kept in a glass enclosure in a mall, Ivan doesn't care much about anything. He's an easy-going gorilla, interested only in his painting and TV shows. That all changes when Ruby appears. Suddenly, his silverback instincts come into play. The trailer is silent, with exception of sad music in the background. A brief explanation of the book can be read as you observe clips of what Ivan's life is like in captivity. Simplicity at its best, this trailer is sort of a tear-jerker.


9. "My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece," by Annabel Pitcher

Jamie was five when the bombing in London killed his sister Rose. This is a story about how his family coped after the loss. In the trailer, Jaimie alludes to the fact that he has a new friend. One glimpse at his friend's picture and you can guess that this might cause problems. The trailer is adorable, and although it starts off sad, the end note is one of hope and better times. Plus, the kid portraying Jaimie looks like Hugo Weasley from Harry Potter. Which is cool.


10. "The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight," by Jennifer E. Smith

Such a cute trailer! With a couple in the grass, looking at the sky and holding hands, pictures are squiggled to give an indication of what happens in the book. It mainly focuses on how four minutes can make you miss your flight, possibly miss your father's wedding, and introduce you to your one true love!



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