Chinese New Year-The Year of the Goat!


I truly appreciate the Chinese culture and am always looking for a way to incorporate various findings into my library. This week we're celebrating the new year! You'll find below an Education Board that I created using Discovery Education's Board Builder; as long as you have an account, you can login and watch the embedded videos. Be sure to watch the adorable video about a Rocky Mountain goat...she gives birth at the top of the mountain...see what happens!

Here's the truly hilarious (and homely made) shadow puppet play that I did with my fabulous and supportive colleague, Mr. Michael Davenport! It's appropriate for grades 2nd-5th.

Also, I paired this activity with National Geographic Kids Digital Book, Celebrate Chinese New Year With Fireworks, Dragons, and Lanterns Otto, Carolyn. Washington, DC: National Geographic Society, 2009. 36 pp.

Lastly, I couldn't forget my wonderful video about The Story of Nian, a Chinese New Year Story

So grab some construction paper, make some paper lanterns and seek out some more Chinese culture! As an art craft, you can have your students make paper dragons and put on a dance using them or even behind a shadow puppet screen! See the "dragon" the art teacher made for me:

Check out these easy made lanterns!

Chinese Lanterns on "espresso!" :)

Here's a bonus...the Chinese version of Happy New Year!


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