#Thanksgiving Resources

I'm quite the visual person and I love videos to express meaning, and consequently for learning. If I can see you do it, then I can master it within a couple of tries...hence this blog that's full of videos and graphics! :)

I'm super-short on time, but came across a few resources to help with Thanksgiving crafts and lessons. Enjoy!

Here's a cute little video for Thanksgiving:

"Thank You for Thanksgiving," Happy Thanksgiving from the StoryBots! from StoryBots on Vimeo.

I adore brain stimulation and came across these Thanksgiving Riddles from Enchanted Learning:

What key won't open any door? (A turkey!)

What's the most musical part of a turkey? (The drumstick!)

Why did the turkey sit on the tomahawk? (To hatchet!)

For all those "directionally challenged," here's a delightful "Thanksgiving Compass Guide" one-sheeter from Activity Village:

Looking for a cool cupcake topper for your "to die for" pumpkin cupcakes? See below:

Autumn Leaves Cupcake Toppers from mimicafe Union on Vimeo.


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