Vanessa Brantley Newton: Illustrator Extraordinaire

There are some days that you anticipate and fantasize about: Christmas as a kid, wedding days as adults, birth of children as parents. Yesterday, I had one of those days...better than Christmas, definitely better than my wedding day--as I'm happily divorced, and just shy of the birth of my children!

I had the wonderful Vanessa Brantley Newton in my library. Ever since I read her and Thelma Godin's Hula Hoopin' Queen, I've been in love! Less than 24 hrs ago, my dream came true. Miss Vee showed up like a calm sunrise and then shook the heavens with her amazing author/illustrator presentation! I still have wondrous chills when I think about it! Please look below and enjoy the highlights from her visit as it forever changed my and my students' lives!

Principal & Vanessa

Assistant Principal & Vanessa

Me & my Soul Sister

Just like myself, Vanessa is passionate about the need for DIVERSE BOOKS and granted me a brief glimpse into her passionate stance on the importance of diversity in children's literature. Thank you "big sis!"

Didn't that shake the depths of your views on the importance of diversity? No, watch it again or find me on Twitter! I'd love to share thoughts and gain insight on the much needed discussion/inclusion of more diversity in books. :)

Here are some of my students getting in on the greatness of Miss Nessa...

This lovely student drew the book cover of Vanessa's illustrated book Presenting Tallulah.

Vanessa is the person you've always wanted to visit your campus. Her inner light is funny, engaging, thoughtful and inspiring. She involves the students, indulges them and embraces them with hugs of hope, validation and acceptance. It's an intensity like no other and I'm so thankful she chose my campus to spread her sunshine!


Vanessa Newton Singing from AwakenLibrarian on Vimeo.

Here's some wonderful feedback from my kiddos...


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