Happy #BlackHistoryMonth!

I must begin this month with this tweet:

It's a privilege to celebrate the beauty of my heritage this month! I'm beginning with a Modern Black History Museum on campus:

Here's a video explanation:

African-American Inventors:

*Kiddos, be sure that you pay attention to these videos to participate in our BHM trivia! Your correct response will win this LOVELY gift bag:

Now for the solemnity of this celebratory month...in the midst of the fervor via social media #BlackLivesMatter, #OscarsSoWhite, #SmilingSlave, I'm using this post to celebrate history, collectively and individually.

However, I will begin with my beloved friend, Vanessa Brantley Newton, singing. She saw past the horrors of slavery (the extremities and limited liberties) to embrace the many smiles of a human...you know the smile you give in the face of your enemy (like in the book of Job, ninth chapter, verse seven), the smile you give your child when he breaks the window of your car trying to show you his baseball moves, the smile you give someone to encourage them despite the challenges life throws. Here's to your smile, Vanessa:

To further make the connection to our past, I had a "Quilting Bee" in the library!

Paradoxically, I believe that right now, we're in the midst of a Neo-Black Renaissance...like Black Renaissance 2.0! The struggles that has plagued the world for centuries are back at the forefront. Sit-in protests are replaced with #BlackLivesMatter marches. Part of me thinks that's the modis oprendi of evil, cyclical hate...generation after generation. But the overwhelming thought is exhaustion with racism...kinda like these kiddos from Ferguson, Missouri (the epicenter of the #BlackLivesMatter campaign): Caution: it discusses the sensitive topic of racism, specifically white vs. black. Kids ask your parents for permission/clarification.

But, before I go into the abyss of justice, or the lack of it, I must remember that there's much to celebrate:

Congratulations Idris Elba, Violet Davis, Uzo Aduba and Queen Latifah for their significant wins at the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) awards ceremony!! So brawny, brown and brave! <3

And because the bloodlines of life are more mingled than society admits, I cannot forget my Afro-Latino Heritage:

Please remember that all the shades of humanity are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated every day, in every moment!

P.S. Because I loved doing these as a child when they came out in the comics section of the newspaper, please find the differences in David Heredia's tweet; they're 10 supposedly, but my library kiddos found more: UPDATE: David Heredia responded to us, kiddos! Check it out:


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