Part of my calling in life is to "awaken" others. Therefore, when I came into the #LibraryLife I wanted to leave my thumbprint on it! Looking over my profession, I noticed the absence of multicultural librarians. After further immersion in the librarian world, #WeNeedDiverseLibrarians took root in my heart.

Yes, the timing coincides with the #WeNeedDiverseBooks/#WNDB. Absolutely! But I also know the role and subtle power of librarians...selector/arranger of books, gatekeepers of knowledge and advocates for all aspects of learning. And those are just my top three! When I started using the #WNDB hashtag, there were a handful of like-minded individuals. Thank you glimmer of hope! But if you know me, I take a glimmer and turn it into a spotlight. :) But how?

Quite recently, my smoldering campaign for diverse librarians received a dose of gasoline. I came across the following slideshare about School Library Hero Worship:

Upon first glance, I recognized a few Twitter Comrades in my PLN (Sue Fitzgerald, Gwyneth Jones & Shannon Miller). But what stood out and stung like a mosquito, the "whitewash" of faces. After thinking it was my beloved Library Sister, Gwyneth's slideshare--and being happily wrong--I reached out to the creator: And when she responded with the openness to learn, I jumped for joy! It's intimidating to speak-out and open the dialogue for diversity. Fortunately--and through the encouragement of someone I admire THANK YOU DARING LIBRARIAN--I spoke up! However, the growing didn't stop there. Check out #WeNeedDiverseLibrarians Advocacy Slides:

Please share this slide and join We Need Diverse Librarians on Twitter! I'm Jean Darnell and I approved this message! Lol! It's election year! I couldn't resist!


  1. Just brilliant! We do need to foster, celebrate, and promote diversity in our libraries for ALL our kids, ALL our libraries, and ALL our schools! Just as we need to have these conversations and an open dialog! With conversation, passion, and determination positive change will surely follow! Well done, Jean!

    1. Thank you Gwyneth! You're absolutely correct! We can only progress with healthy discussion and UNITED front on diversity! What can begin between two digital friends like us, may change the world--one giant leap at a time for mankind! If it's good for landing on the moon, then it's good enough for embracing every race of mankind! Be well, my friend and thank you for your support. It means a lot to me! :)


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