Orch Dork Still...

Today's Friday...in April! What does that mean????



I self-medicate with classical music! Lol...NOT! There are bountiful benefits in appreciating classical music: 5 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Classical Music!

From the time I was 10, I've known music intimately. I played with my high school orchestra, the Houston Youth Symphony, and I played at Baylor University (Hey, Dr. Hardie). It is my first love...AND believe it or not, I used to be pretty darn good. I even brought my cello out for the kids a couple of Christmases ago...BE FOREWARNED... it's wretched. I told ya! :)

Nevertheless, I've injected my kiddos with small snippets of "classical music" appreciation via 2Cellos! Luka and Stejan were former competitors, who took their zealous love for cello-playing, and blew the stratosphere by combining their talents into the DYNAMIC DUO!

Why do I love these guys? Aside from my obvious musical connection, they tie story-telling with history via music, cinematography and humanity. Simply put...it STEM injected with STEAM! Yes, I'm crushing and wishing with all my financial powers that one day I will see them in concert. Please enjoy my Spring time sanctuary!

Beethoven... Michael Jackson... and the first video I ever showed the kids...THUNDERSTRUCK HAPPY FRIDAY!

P.S. It's still #PoetryMonth, so please check out my beloved Gwendolyn Brooks, as she reads "We Real Cool" (be sure to click the sound speaker on the top left corner for the Sound Cloud of her voice):


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