#TXLA16 Recap in Tweets

Here's my recap of the Texas Library Association's Annual Conference. Let me begin by saying, I loved the reflection of "Black Leadership" on some panels for TLA! Also, I was blessed enough to win a full collection of The Legend of Mantamaji! Woo-hoo! I'm super excited to share with my older kiddos!

But the BEST example of black leadership...me! :) Oh...any by the way, I'm not the mother of a baby kangaroo! I met my illustrauthor: Dan Santat! He explained the mindset behind Beekle! Also, met and enjoyed author Pat Mora, as she discussed the importance of El día de los niños: Showing middle graders some love... Here's Greg Pizzoli, author of The Watermelon Seed! And his explanation on the importance of STORYTELLING! I conclude with some excellent ladies I met with Tugg, a COOL use of video documentaries for education purposes!


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