Fallen Phrases Puzzle

I LOVE PUZZLES!! I actually feel my brain getting tired when I do them! I just think to myself: "Grow baby grow!"

When I came across a "new to me" type puzzle, Fallen Phrases I became hooked. My immediate thought: "Wait until my kids get a load of this!"

Discovery Education (another beloved resource) actually allows you to make your own Fallen Phrases puzzle!

So, what is a Fallen Phrases puzzle??? Here's a trusty slide-show explanation from Discovery Education! Check out the snapshot below (courtesy of Quidditch Mod Live Journal):

If you're looking for a mental Jedi mindtrick for some otherwise beguiling library characters, then give Fallen Phrases Puzzles a try! I was amazed how many kids didn't know what they were! I used the aforementioned Discovery Ed link to create this little ditty...

You can use them to create clues for a new book release or as some reinforcement for our ELL learners! I had my own "In-the-library" contest and let's just say...GIRLS ROCK!!

But be prepared for some expressions like this... Memes.com


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