Interactive Story Webs

Tomorrow is...

We're kicking off our celebration with "Story Webs!" However, instead of a boring graphic organizer (LOL), I made it interactive with a ball of yarn, some giggle and one classic story! We featured a great updated version of the "Three Ninja Pigs" with Corey Rosen Schwartz and Dan Santat's "The Three Ninja Pigs" See all the excitement with our iMovie recap:

International Literacy Day from AwakenLibrarian on Vimeo.

Here's the campus wide challenge that we gave staff members:

For more resources on how you can incorporation some literacy and reading fun check out 11 Creative Reading Incentives for You Classroom!

As a bonus, I came across this wonderful Eduphoria find for teaching literary analysis. I just had to share! :)

She's a former librarian and she loves reading to the students! Her SUPER-POWER is spreading the joy of literacy! Thank you, Mrs. Metoyer for celebrating International Literacy Day in the library! :)

GLEC Super International Literacy Day! from AwakenLibrarian on Vimeo.


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