Shelfie Talk many of you librarians have visual directives to assist students with returning items to the shelves? Well if you don't have any visual aides, you're in luck! This post is dedicated to shelfie conversations that "cutely" address how to treat the library books. If you have CHAMP behavior level expectations at your campus, then these Shelfie Talkers cover all facets!

C-Conversation: Level is 1. The only discussion is for assistance with shelving materials.
H-Help: The help needed is re-shelving books. Follow alphabet order for "fiction" books and numeric order for non-fiction!
A-Activity: We're returning the books back to the shelves in alpha/numeric order.
M-Movement: We're walking to the shelves without disturbing others.
P-Participation: This activity benefits you & the librarian so books can be easily found next time.
S-Success: I know exactly where that book is on the shelf!



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