Get Epic & Trolls

In case you haven't heard, GET EPIC is a wonderful resource for FREE E-BOOKS! I can't stress enough how much I enjoy it! In fact, I just created a quiz on there to use along with their fractured fairy tale* book, Snow White and the Seven Trolls! Be sure the use the quiz and let me what you think!

To get the kids psyched about the story and "fun-perk quiz" (if the answer's correct you get a treat), I began with the upcoming movie release of Trolls...

Then, I turned to my friends at GoNoodle because they have the most awesomely, groovy dance videos to get the cardio pumping and their bodies exhausted and receptive to a wonderful story...(imagine an evil librarian laugh!)

There's nothing I love more than watching my kiddos boogie! Instant stress relief for an over-worked educator! Lol!

Here's a bonus...if you sign-up today, then you can receive a cute coloring sheet for the little ones!

BONUS Star*: Here's a fractured fairy-tale lesson from Read, Write, Think (grades 3-8)! Also, if Get Epic has plenty of more fractured fairy-tales; check out these titles:


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