HAPPY ELECTIONDAY!!! As the fervor stretches across America, we're celebrating our civic duty in the library! Here's a bit of our ELECTION DAY FUN!

To find out more about using a "Me" or "We" Challenge, see Kids Voting USA lesson!

After supporting our nation, a few kids had a question about what they could do to support the election? We discussed writing to Senators and the President to voice their concerns. However, they wanted something more concrete. So we came up with a "mock election" idea to beat all ideas...U.S. Kids Council! We believe the following rules should be in place:
U.S. Kids Council Bill of Rights
1. Each State will elect one male and female representative.
2. Each child representative will have a platform to improve the life of kids in America.
3. Each program must be fun.
4. Programs must appeal to all kids, rich or poor.
5. Representatives and programs must be diverse.

If you like our idea, then please vote below! Let's get this campaign started! Awaken Librarian approved this message! Lol!

And, just to have a little bit of fun, we did the #MannequinChallenge as well!

BIG "MOCK ELECTION" UPDATE: Kids Voting USA has endorsed our "Me" vs. "We" Voting Challenge...


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