Color Me a Princess Tea!

Without further adieu, I must inform you that I just had the ABSOLUTE BEST DAY in the library. Yesterday, we broke through the mirage of the "stereotypical" princess. We took the "rescue me" mentality up a notch, removed the prince and added the vitamin of EMPOWERMENT into the mix. Come on this journey with me, as yesterday changed my perspective in the best way possible!

"Color Me a Princess Tea" short movie from AwakenLibrarian on Vimeo.

We had a panel of distinguished guests:
Rashika Robinson (biology major, baker/entrepreneur)
Miss Katy Teen 2017 Sydney Felton (17 y/o dancer, student and motivational speaker)
Tina B. (engineer, poet, musician)
Courtnie Penson (Freed-Montrose Librarian, social worker, doctoral canidate)
April Carson and Rhonda James (YWCA Houston Community Outreach and Director of Programs)
Sybil Moss (educator, pagent organizer, motivational coach)

The ultimate goal: Make yourself the heroine in your life with your light!

To kick off the festivities, I wrote these young princesses a poem about them, their neighborhood and their own beauty beneath the crown..

4th Ward Crown & The Hate U Give excerpt from AwakenLibrarian on Vimeo.

This, by far, was my best program event ever!The speakers were phenomenal women in their own right!

Because I fervently believe in practicing what I preach, I challenged the young ladies to finish the following "sentence stems" regarding themselves. You saw a snippet early in the shortie film from a young lady, but I also had a vulnerable moment...

I Love...I Forgive...I Will... from AwakenLibrarian on Vimeo.

and here's a few more moments...
To conclude, the best moment of the day happened when these young women RUSHED down to the library to begin the festivities! Enjoy these photo slide and know this...
To Mr. Miller, Jeremiah, Gregory and Antonio, THANK YOU for being the silent princes (and King-Miller) that I needed to film and arrange! We're all one happy, EMPOWERED family!


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