Digital Media Virtual Word Wall

So, you know that I'm SUPER excited about teaching my Digital Media Class!

I can't stop thinking of a variety of ways to add tech components to the class! I must remember to slow down...but trust me, my students will leave DIGITAL MASTERS! I must brag on one of my students, Andy! He finished his blog, following all the directions and being otherwise AMAZING! Check out my #DigitalJediBlogger Andy!

Now to the meat of this post. I LOVE Padlet and Quizlet! They LET learning continue with techonology! You see what I did there with the word, "let?" Lol, yup-I'm that kind of nerdy! :)
Please check out this virtual word wall I created for my class. The Quizlet is embedded within! Enjoy!

For my students, BEWARE! Embedded in the padlet below is a QUIZ Pay attention to the details and find the quiz. It will take you to Quizlet, where you have flashcards that will help you before you click the quiz link. Ask for more details in class and good luck! :)

Made with Padlet


  1. you have every right to brag about your students because you have given them proper time and energy. and most importantly, the oppurtunity to grow. keep at it

  2. I am hoping the same best effort from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing skills has inspired me.


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