Hieroglyphs, The Lion King Jr. & Trivia

At GLEC-PVA and every spring, we do a magnet arts enrichment program. This spring, we've chosen The Lion King, Jr. to celebrate the wonderful continent of Africa!

So to use one of my favorite books again, Mummy Cat-(it's the perfect combination of animals, Africa and curriculum)-we're going to explore the importance of storytelling using pictures. The artistry in The Mummy Cat background tells the story just as well, if not better, than the words!

However this time, in addition to the wondrous beauty of Queen Hatshupset and her cat, we're going to double whammy the picturesque component of storytelling and discover HIEROGLYPHS hidden within the pages! Click on the slideshow to grow what you may not know about hieroglyphs! There's a bonus bit of knowledge at the end regarding how we STILL use hieroglyphs in 2018!

In case you missed the slide, EMOJIS are the modern-day Hieroglyph! Discover more here. But students, don't think that emojis are going to substitute well in your classwork/essays!!! Lol!

Picture courtesy of Icon8.


To pull it all together seamlessly, I created stations with heiroglyph writings. The students had to discover the hidden meaning. Here's the cross-curricular connection: all of the 6 stations had a Lion King character as the solution.
So not only did it tie to a great movie, our spring performance and the beautiful continent of Africa, but I supported the FINE arts team in the library. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN! Take a look at our library set-up (tables included an African country, hieroglyph alphabet, non-fiction book & supplies):

What's even better? Here's a TLK bonus for you TRUE fans, courtesy of Mental Floss!

Bonus Question: James Earl Jones (the voice of "Mufasa" in The Lion King) and Madge Sinclair (the voice of "Sarabi" in The Lion King) played an African King and Queen in what movie? *Leave your answers in the comments!


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