CSK 50th Anniversary w/Crossover

This post is all about CELEBRATION and FUN!! In, honor of the Coretta Scott King Book Award's 50th Anniversary, I've taken one of their recently beloved books, the Crossover (2014), and created a game called...POETIC SHOT!

It's inspired from the one of the lessons linked on Teaching Books.

Directions: The following words are printed separately on cardstock: bounce, free, throw, pass, shot, block, rim, foul, buzzer, and dunk. The students would have to think of words to rhyme with them during the game. On the flip side of each word is printed one of Kwame's basketball rules (referenced in the link above from lessons on TB). The kids are divided into groups of 5-7 (depending on class size). They create a circle. In the center of the circle is round and empty waste basket. They pass the ball around, rhyming, until some one is without a rhyme. That person either has to take a 2-try FREE THROW shot from their position in the circle or DRIBBLE in a weaving pattern through the other players in the circle, without losing control of the ball. The last person standing is the winner and they recite the basketball rule printed on the back of the rhyming word.

Here's the visual:

The game instructions are included and here's a fun little video that provides the fun and frolic for those visual learners! Enjoy!

P.S. This is the same lesson I presented with Nick Glass at 2019 TLA Conference. There are a couple of pictures below. Also, I had to represent the CSK committee with my bright yellow, CSK shirt you can buy here!


  1. This is a great activity -- love how it has motion and quick thinking and collaboration -- and of course rhyming and a great book! You designed it so thoughtfully -- so it gets printed ready to use. And the video helps us see it in action (with your great kids). So well done, AwakenLibrarian!

  2. Thank you Nick! It was a wonderful opportunity to present an EXCITING way to use expertly crafted books!


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