The Figurative Math of Racism.

Welcome to my final blog post!!!

A lot of colleagues, friends and associates have asked my thoughts on the state of society and education right now. You can't even understand my exhaustion...especially after being let-go for "budgetary" reasons, though it is a predominantly white institution that hasn't ever had a BIPOC in a position of leadership, excluding assistant principals for discipline.

Initially, my anger blocked my rational writing, but since Covid-19 shut down America, I had to reconcile ending my career in education. Simply put, I loathe the ceilings, the overwhelming racism in education and librarianship. I have nothing left to give a career intentionally excluding me. They couldn't attack my work, but they did attack my person, psyche and peace.

For the longest, I didn't answer folks when they asked me about racism. I felt like this article: "I'm your Black friend, but I won't educate you about racism. That's on you." And most recently this article: "How to talk with your Black friends about race."

Then I thought about this blog and I wanted my mindset known. I orchestrated like an educator would because I'll always be a nerd that does too much. Peace to you all and I hope you enjoy.


  1. Dear Awaken Librarian!
    Thank you for teaching me with your farewell. I'm troubled by your job loss and decision to leave the school librarian profession. We will feel the loss of your empowered impassioned voice. May your garden heal you and one day soon return you to schooling as a vital change agent. Sincerely,

    1. Thank you, Judi, for your empathy and kindness shown. Time heals everything. Trading my blogging thumbs for green thumbs in the garden. :)


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