Closing out BHM 2022.

 This month has been back to back celebration of all the excellence Black trailblazers, innovators and Ancestors contributed to our nation. I couldn't be more proud to share snippets of the library's efforts to honor Black History then and now.

In honor of BHM then the library sponsored a Quilting Bee where we worked on patches to add to our "Dessau Unity Quilt" that the wonderful Mrs. Vickie West will compile into a wonderful quilt to display in the library. Here's a video highlighting excerpts from the day!

Because so much of African American's history is riddled with unfortunate hatred and bondage, it was imperative that the BHM now centered on understanding the struggles of those ahead of us who fought the good fight. Therefore, we made a "light-hearted research" activity (light = research w/o a paper) and combined it with art to create a unique twist on our "Family Tree."

Another shining example of Black History Now is this riveting truth about our need for "Hoodies." It's the perfect "Post Trayvon Martin" salute and explanation, why #TeamHoodiesUp, is needed for adults, youths and anyone so inclined to adorn themselves with a hoodie:

Last but certainly not least, we have to give thanks to those that uplift and inspire us. This month's celebration wouldn't be much without the blood, tears and sacrifice of our Ancestors. Our dance team encompassed that "spirit of fortitude" in a praise dance. Bravo ladies for a job well done!

For those that couldn't join our webinar today, stay was recorded and I will post a link or embed it as soon as it's available. In the mean time, check out this promotional tweet!

As promised, here's the webinar over "Demystifying Black Culture Through Picture Books!"


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