Zen Den: a calm place for restoration.

One of the things I promised myself as a librarian was to offer an alternative to "punitive punishments" so many kids endure. We have to escape the "school to prison" mentality. Sometimes that's showing a student mercy, how to ground oneself, and choose a different response to an emotional and/or environmental trigger. I think this blog post on "Revolutionary Mindfulness and Restoration" hits the nail on the head.

Whether it's a contemplative practice on social justice like the wonderful leaders over at the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society and their "Tree of Contemplative Practices..."

or something like what I plan to offer my students, kids need a safe, calm space to contemplate outside of academic thinking. Therefore, here's what I will DO: offer the best resource I can...presenting the ZEN DEN!!!

Simply put, this is a safe place for every one. Students can reserve/request this space (scan the QR code) at their leisure for 10 mins recharge session or longer, dependent upon their needs and how they desire to self-soothe in a healthy manner. Also, it serves as a substitution for the infamous bullying, where they can spend 10 minutes grounding themselves and complete one of the activities to wipe out the offense. THIS is what restorative healing looks like for socially and emotionally healthy students! It's just enough to get their spirit nourished in a health manner. Check out our lil' space....

P.S. Here's a WONDERFUL update:

P.P.S. Here's a recent article about our students and their handling of trauma post-pandemic: Reeling From the Mental Health Crisis, K-12 Districts Turn to Telemedicine.

P.P.P.S. (1st, I don't even know if PPPS is a thing. 😁) Having said that, here's a brief instructional book created with @BookCreatorAPP to help you with OUR NEW iPAD THAT WE RECEIVED FROM THE GRANT!!!


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