AI in Favor of Racists?

Quite honestly, if AI (Artificial Intelligence) proves to continue racism/prejudices/biases in favor of white supremacist ideology--as it presently demonstrates--I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT. I will use my platform to discuss the inequities--as I presently do--in hopes that improvements are made to represent all perspectivities with authenticity and relevance as it pertains to AI's successes and continuances. Black people have always been scholars, scientists and sage counsel for the world. AI needs to reflect that conviction.

Enslavement represents what was done to us, not our history.

All of the present hoopla discusses all the "amazing things" AI can do: colleges are in uproar about AI writing papers, entrepreneurs test out the ease of creating business plans, etc. To test out my theory, I asked ChatGPT to write a paper on Black History for #BHM. My gut believed it would present a "whitewashed" version of Black History worse than Floridian Governor DeSantis banning parts of Black History, but I needed evidence. (Shame on you College AP Board for buckling under his pressure.)

I took to Twitter to share my findings and open discussion on the discovery of how little regard ChatGPT gave to Black History. Begin w/slavery, discuss that Civil Rights were given, talk about 4 notatble Black Americans, and a brief conclusion, as though that's all of Black Americans' contribution to America? Denied the right to read, congregate or own anything, not included. Black Reconstruction, not included. Building of the majority of our federal buildings, colleges, churches, not included. First Black President, not included. Jim Crow and his lynching klan, not included. WHO BLACK PEOPLE WERE BEFORE ENSLAVEMENT, not included. (An aside: Check February's newsletter for resources on Black People before enslavement.) The only thing discussed was what racists did to us, and the lemonade we made out of starting from zero (no land, economic wealth or rights). When I tell you it provided some of the WORST "white-washing" possible, believe me.

Therefore, I do what I do best, TEACH. I created the following writing activity to conclude Black History Month, but more importantly to reflect on the importance of NOT CONTINUING RACISM in the world of artificial intelligence. Continuing racism via AI will definitely--at least from the Black perspective--indeed provide artifical AND fictional intelligence, again. Not that we need permission, but Black folks must tell our own story to get it right. The last thing we need are racist robots or a robotic mentality continuing hate crimes.🙄

Colorful Futuristic Science Fiction Writing Prompts Presentation by Eboni Darnell

(03/02/23) UPDATE: Thank you, Black Jesus! I kept digging and finally found something promising as it relates to AI in favor and advocacy for Black people. This is what ChatGPT could do with the content of their tech advancements. Simply put, this is how you can be INCLUSIVE in the world of AI. Nevertheless, I present AI Lewis Latimer! Thank you, Mr. Maxie Collier! I don't own any rights to the picture or have an association with Mr. Collier. I'm just a fan of his work and glad to have found this resource to share. Here's a brief screen-cast of just a sample of the awesomeness that is Mr. Collier's work. He's trying to figure out who to spotlight first in his AI documentary. Please check out his website linked a few sentences ago and definitely see their VR interactive world!

Mr. Lewis Latimer and family from Mr. Collier's website and created via AI.

BREAKING NEWS!!! This post blossomed into a wonderful lesson on PBS Newshour Classroom!


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