Her Story. Her Words. Her Heart.

Happy Women's Herstory (not HIStory) Month! I've often discussed the "glows-n-grows" of being a woman, therefore, I will keep my thoughts brief. Every woman walking this earth, lived inside her grandmother, as women are born with all the eggs she'll ever release. Having said that, I ache that I never birthed a daughter to continue the tradition of holding my daughter/grand-daughter within my being to transfer any bit of extra love and support I could muster as a mother. Through miscarriages and unsurvivable births, I know the importance of the female body and the strength it takes to carry, birth and nourish life. Women and only women know that magnitude of humanity. Let us excel in equality, endurance and empathy. We're a profession of healers, nurturers and parents. Every bit of our essence is worth its weight in gold...and the world must reflect, uplift and value women. Period.

Enjoy this month's newsletter and treat the women in your life to a small, sweet miracle of love. She's worth it:


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