April is LIBRARY month!

Hey Y'all,

We made it to April! I promise that this newsletter is less ADVOCACY and more light-hearted fun compared to last year's newsletter. The content is still relevant, so please take a look.

I've had a busy year advocating for libraries as the 2023-24 Intellectual Freedom Chairperson. Plus, I've invested in myself this year, regarding teaching other educators how to EMBRACE and ELICIT some of the traits of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I'll be presenting at the end of the month in Ontario, CA about the wonders of AI and how educators can use it to an advantage in their classrooms. In doing my research, I found these statistics alarming:

This data tells me that I have A LOT of work to do in order to bring folks into the "Age of AI Enlightenment!" Stay tuned...😅

Until then, please enjoy this newletter below, click here, if you prefer the PDF.
April 2024 School Librarian by Jean Darnell

P.S. I just recently learned this AI Detector app that's FAR better than what I was using with Originality AI. Thanks for the insight, Matt Miller!


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