Decloaking Wakanda: Lesson Collaboration

If you attended our Texas Library Association's Decloaking Wakanda: Creating Space for BIPOC Nerds, then here's our collaboration Wakelet for creating "comic themed ideas" in your library.

This QR code will take you to the Wakelet to add your information.

And because I'm an AI nerd, please take a look at this Microsoft Image Generator in the style of Black Panther's Wakanda! Here are my beloved results: you perfer me as Black Panther in Charlie Brown style??πŸ˜‚

Regardless, here's a free bookmark!
Decloaking Wakanda Bkmark by Jean Darnell

We began with a "Wakanda Forever" salute, and we must end with a new addtion: #TXLA24 Wakanda Forever Salute!!!



P.S. Please give my son some love because he etched out this picture of Black Panther (still in progress) for art class and I think he's doing a fine job! πŸ₯°


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