VoiceThread: An Interactive Tool for the 21st Century Educator

So my co-worker/friend, Michael Davenport, have this on-going collaborative nature between us! We're constantly bouncing ideas off of each other. Our latest initiative was the idea to record our PDAS observations. This way well intentioned principals can catch all the AWESOMENESS that educators do, that they might not have noticed while in the classroom observing and/or conducting a walk-through. Here's my tweet to bring the Texas Education Agency's attention to our grand idea:

Well, being the overachiever, nutty blossom that I am, I wanted to research what resources were already out there. I came across IRIS Connect USA which allows educators to record, upload and self-reflect on instructional practices. I think more school districts should get on their bandwagon, to at least have irrefutable evidence of the AWESOMNESS that educators do! But it costs $100.

Leave it to Michael to come up with an ingenious solution: VOICETHREAD! He knows how much I love technology! So I took it and ran with it. It was easy to use. Their basic catchphrase: They turn any video, image or text into a conversation...a collaborative one, albeit! See a tutorial video here. Most importantly, check out the VoiceThread I created on STEM vs. STEAM! Feel FREE to join in the conversation. The only comments I have thus far are from myself...testing out all the features! I gotta start somewhere! :)


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